Friday, May 29, 2015

Surgery, Alien Babies, and a Wonky Cursor!

Just wanted to say sorry for the inactivity lately.  As some of you may know, I had surgery on April 22nd to remove two fibroids and an ovarian cyst.  I was in the hospital for 5 days and had to get two pints of blood from some awesome donor.  Would be really funny if it was actually blood I had donated, but I haven't for like a year or two.  Not sure I've even donated since my tattoo, but I think I did once.  Probably won't be able to for a while now, if at all. 

So my surgeon took a picture of the biggest fibroid and it looks like an Alien Baby!  Creepy the things the body will create...  I'm not going to show the picture on here, but for those with a morbid curiosity, I will put a link to it.  If it doesn't work, let me know.  You probably shouldn't open the pic at work or in front of children. 

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago, my sister bought me a new cord for my Lappy!  I was all excited.  My Lappy is about 5 years old, and still kickin, but the years had taken a toll on the cord.  So it got to the point where it had to be in a specific position to work and charge the battery.  (Which I just had to replace because the other one wasn't charging at all!  So one tap of the dinner tray that I use, and my Lappy would die...)  So one tap of the tray and the cord would stop charging, which would make my Lappy beep.  (Until I figured out that I could turn off the volume and it wouldn't be an issue.)  -_-  This drove my sister CRAZY, so she got me a new cord for my birthday!  However, this new cord, was a generic one-size-fits-all kind of cord, it wasn't an ACER cord.  So I learned after much Googling that the new cord was the reason my touch pad cursor was bouncing all over the screen and clicking on things randomly...  So it has been very frustrating, to say the least, to use my poor Lappy. 

These reasons combined, healing from surgery and a wonky cursor, is why I haven't posted anything since the post on May 1st.  I believe I may have actually set that one up before the surgery, but the cursor is a bigger reason than the healing.  I am pretty much healed up now, I have a section on my stomach above my belly button that's just about healed, and a nice little hole next to my belly button that's taking its time.  I think my surgeon's associate, who I saw like a week after I got out of the hospital, took some of the staples out too early.  If he hadn't taken the staples closer to my belly button out at that time, I think they would be healed like the rest of them are already, they have been for at least a week or so.

I just wanted to keep you guys updated, in case you were like WTF?  Tomorrow, I'm posting a review of Burn.  While I love to give my authors lots of exposure, I don't normally like to do back to back, but I kinda ran out of time, hence this explanation.  I feel like I should also mention that I have a little Forge of Empires addiction...  So with the wonky cursor, it's made things take a lot longer on the game and also taken up time that I would've used to post.  Sorry...but feel free to look me up if you're on there!  I'm in Noarsil, Ragnir, and now on the Beta server.  I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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