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Book Blitz for Seizing Darkness by Mariana Thorn Seizing Darkness

Author: Mariana Thorn

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours
With her past distant and forgotten Natalya has built herself a nice life. She has a job she finds rewarding as a special agent with the Paranormal Investigation Bureau. Her partner, Dante, isn’t too bad for a bloodsucking vampire. Val, her boss, is like a father to her. Her favorite part is that she lives near the Cascade Mountains. Whenever she needs a little vacation, she can shift into a tiger and go running in the woods. Life is good.
That is until recently. Agents are turning up dead and she can’t pin down what is going on. Little does she know that her past is about to come back and bite her in the tail. With no memories before the last year she is a little behind the curve in finding out what is going on. When the investigation turns increasingly dangerous and the attacks more personal, Natalya realizes it’s more than just her own life on the line. Will she find out what is going on before it’s too late?

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If you look in the local coffee shop or bookstore you might just find Mariana Thorn. She can usually be found with headphones in and deep into the worlds she has created. There is this thing about her pens if you touch them you might receive a smack to the hand and the well-known glare of destruction. Besides writing, Mariana enjoys reading, photography, and playing with her dog. She lives in Western Washington, but loves to travel to Florida to sit on the beach to write.
She is the author of Fantasy and Mystery stories. She currently has two titles in her Fur, Fangs, and Fairies series. There are three short stories available in her Skylar Wolfe Mysteries. There are many more books and series to come.

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I was walking around, keeping Radek in sight, when I found her on the front steps. It was a werewolf. I could smell Madon on her – she had been around him recently. She must be the agent that Val had sent. I could smell the tranquilizer in her blood. She was just coming to as I kneeled next to her.
“Are you okay?” I asked, staying just out of striking distance. I didn't know if she would wake up cranky. Radek was stalking toward us.
“What happened?” came her groggy reply.
“I'm not sure yet. I was hoping that you would be able to help with that. I'm Natalya. What's your name?”
“Jenna. I know you. You're that weretiger. Madon and Carly talk about you all the time.” “Dante is missing. Do you remember anything?” I asked quickly before a fuming Radek could come over to harass her.
“We had just come out of the building and I was hit from behind, then everything went black. That's all I remember.” As I helped her into a sitting position, I could feel Radek's presence behind me and knew he'd heard her.
“You didn't see anything?” he asked. At least he was controlling his temper – I could tell it was taking some effort.
“Sorry, no sir,” she said in a small voice. Her eyes got big as she recognized who was behind me. I could smell her fear. I sent Radek a glare, hoping he would get the message to tone it down a bit more.
“Stay here for a moment. We're going to take a look around,” Radek said, and motioned for me to come with him. I gave Jenna a smile and followed Radek.
I glanced around and noticed my car parked in front of Dante's. I was walking toward it when I heard the metallic click. It almost registered a little too late. I dropped to the ground just as my car exploded. I rolled onto my stomach and covered my head to guard it from the flying debris. The heat washed over me while flying pieces of burning metal sliced through my clothes and tore into my skin. My ears were ringing and the smoke was choking me, but I had survived with minimal injuries.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review of Cut From A Strong Cloth
Title:  Cut From Strong Cloth
Author:  Linda Harris Sittig
Published:  November 21st, 2014
Publisher:   Freedom Forge Press
Genre:   Historical Fiction
Content Warning:  Non-graphic sexual content
Recommended Age:  18+

At nineteen, Ellen Canavan lives for the dream of her late father: to succeed in business. But being a woman in 1861, she finds the path to entrepreneurship blocked many times over. The threat of war, her mother’s disapproval, and even a malicious arsonist threaten to limit the aspiring textile merchant to the status of impoverished Irish immigrant. As she travels from the factories of Philadelphia to the riverfront wharves of Savannah with her business mentor, James Nolan, the Civil War explodes amidst their blossoming love, and the two are separated. Can Ellen’s undaunted, fiery strength guide her through a divided nation, or must she abandon her dream in order to save her own life?

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This book is a great read.  Ellen is such a strong character and I love that this is based on the author's ancestors and their real life events!
Born in New York City, and raised in northern New Jersey, Linda’s love of history and a commitment to family and literacy led her to a career in writing articles and books for parents, grandparents, and teachers on how to instill the love of reading in children of all ages. Twice recognized for her journalism by the Virginia Press Association, Linda and her husband live in western Loudoun County, Virginia, where the Blue Ridge Mountains are the first to greet the dawn.
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“Then you don’t know me as well as you think. Remember when I told you I wouldn’t let disappointments interfere with my dreams of success? Weaving is my legacy from Da. I was meant to become a textile merchant all along. And I don’t need anyone taking care of me. I can take care of myself.”
“Ellen, your Da’s been dead for years. You don’t owe him a thing.”
Her eyes stormed as she held her head high. “I’ll succeed for him because he never got the chance.”
James shook his head. “If I canna talk you out of this foolhardy scheme, then I won’t be giving you my blessings for the trip.”
“I dinna ask for them.”

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review of Ascension by RM Gilmore
R.M. Gilmore brings to an end the trilogy that introduced readers to a girl and a beast and all things in between.
Available now, Ascension, the final piece to the novella trilogy, drags Lynnie to edges of her existence and back again.

Trying to put Havana, Arkansas behind her, Lynnie is becoming a woman and learning to be the beast that dwells inside her.
When old friends come back she must decide where she belongs in the world and learns letting go is harder than it seems.
With Puck as her ally, Lynnie braves the world and becomes what she was always intended to be; vengeance. Yearning for acceptance she does the unthinkable and travels farther than she ever imagined and into dangers she never expected.
In the final piece to her story, Lynnie learns just what it means to be Cu Sidhe

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Catch up on the trilogy and sign up for updates about the upcoming paperback right here.
Great finish for an awesome series! This author has a way of getting the reader emotionally attached to all of the characters and so quickly.  This is the last book of this series, but I hope she does a spin-off.  It would be great to see how this story continues from where it left off.  The author is giving away signed paperback books of this series!  Make sure to check out the link to the Giveaway at the bottom of this post.

Check out the previous books in the series!
Living in the dead center of California, R.M. Gilmore writes mystery thrillers with a supernatural twist.
Drawing from people and places in her life, she brings us the irreverent character Dylan Hart, the Dylan Hart Odyssey of the Occult series, and sweet Lynnie Russell, the Lynnie Russell Trilogy.
Gilmore has contributed to numerous anthologies, as well as, short story and stand-alone works-in-progress.
Gilmore also creates original artworks in various mediums including paint and clay. Her home is filled with eclectic music memorabilia, horror flicks, and droves of complete Lego sets. R.M. shares a home with her husband, kids, and more than thirty animals including a Labrador, frilled dragon, and gargoyle geckos.
When she's not insane with writing, household junk, and animal care, she loves to watch movies, digs detective shows, and imbibes in alcohol more than one person should.
R.M. Gilmore lives to laugh and will likely die laughing.

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Enter to WIN the Lynnie Russell trilogy paperback!

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Release Blitz of Scoring His Heart by Suzan Butler
Meet the Texas Highlanders in Scoring His Heart by Suzan Butler! Coming March 17th is the third novel in the Texas Highlanders Ice Hockey series, SCORING HIS HEART from New York Times and USA Today best-selling author, Suzan Butler! Read how sheltered college student Zoe Logan must learn how to open herself up so she can experience the passion she desperately craves, but a tragedy in her family could send her back into her old ways.

Zoe Logan has always believed that those she loves will always leave her. It’s why she fights so hard against anyone getting close, but when sexy defense Gavin Ferrara zeroes in on her, she finds herself falling hard and exploring the hidden parts of herself that he brings out in her.

Gavin’s always trusted that playing hockey is the most important thing to him. But when a strange encounter from months ago leads to more between him and the local bar owner’s daughter, he’s torn between what he wants and what’s best.

WARNING: This book contains a threesome hot enough to scorch the sheets, a dirty talking Russian, a bisexual Italian, the college virgin who brings both of them to their knees, and the best anatomy and physiology study session ever.

On Sale in Print and Digital: March 17, 2015

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Previous Books in the Series
Suzan Butler writes adult contemporary romance and has a penchant for Dr. Pepper, ice hockey, and world domination. She lives in Texas under a not-so-secret identity with two monsters, writing naughty books and planning the next step in her evil plans into the twilight hours of the night because that's when it's quiet in the house. She loves to hear from readers.

Suzan also has a monthly newsletter she shares with her alter ego, New York Times and USA Today bestseller, S.M. Butler, who writes new adult romantic suspense and military romance. In the newsletter, you'll find information about new releases, updates on future books, contests, giveaways, get first peek at new covers, and find out where she'll be visiting through books signings and conventions throughout the year.

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See what else Suzan Butler has in store for 2015!

Follow the tour and you could win some awesome prizes!
Grand Prize: $25 Amazon or B&N gift card
Runner-up: Digital copies of any one (1) book by Suzan Butler
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Cover Reveal for His to Protect by Caissy Boudreau
Centuries ago the UnSeelie princes reigned chaos over the worlds. Eventually they were captured and imprisoned. Many centuries later the Seelie Court blessed several families with a special gift. One of the gifts would keep the balance between the worlds. These sacred creatures are meant to protect the innocent from the evil in the world.

Ramzi is the second oldest of five brothers. He runs a pub in a small town in Scotland with his brothers. He longs for a chance at love. The past few months he has been plagued with dreams of a blonde haired beauty. One day he realizes that she is real. He instantly feels a connection to her...

Faith longs to not feel so alone anymore. She travel with her sisters constantly. She is riddled of dreams with a blue eyed man. Who is this man? One day she and her sisters are chased from where they were living to a small town in Scotland. There she meets the man of her dreams.

The Unseelie princes has escaped prison and plan to wreak havoc on the world. But first they must find these special women to help fulfil their plans.
Can Ramzi save Faith and her sister? Or will they fall victim to the evil of the princes?

Caissy was born and raised in South Louisiana. She now lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and 2 kids. She has 2 dogs and 5 cats. She is an avid reader and she is a lover of all things paranormal. Her favorite is vampires. Since she was a teenager she has been obsessed with vampires. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys watching hockey and football. Her children are both diagnosed with Autism. They are now 14 and 13. She has been married to the love of her life for 15 years.
Her debut novel Skylar's Dream is based on her dad. She lost her dad 15 years ago to suicide. She has dedicated this book in memory of him. He was a strong influence in her life. Her grandmothers continue to guide her and give her encouragement every day.
She has always wanted to write since she first read “The Vampire Lestat” by Anne Rice. She has never had the courage until recently. Her husband encouraged and guided her to accomplish her dreams. Her children are true inspirations to her. She does not take anything for granted. Every day is a blessing.

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Other Books by Caissy
Skylar’s Dream | Lucy’s Journey | Fated Destiny

Friday, March 6, 2015

Review of Defcon Darcy by AJ Lape!

Fisher Stanton, Valley High School’s Nantucket wannabe, has a cheating girlfriend. When he hires Darcy Walker to chase her to a local club, in true Darcy fashion she stumbles upon a dead body. Thing is, this body has secrets...and Darcy’s mysterious friend, Jaws, and the reporter, Tito Westbrook, have a vested interest. Both enlist Darcy to find the person responsible who has eluded them for years, but Darcy doesn’t solve crimes for free anymore—especially where Jaws is concerned. Knowing Darcy’s Achilles heel, Jaws blackmails Darcy into working for him.

In a true test of wills, Darcy and Jaws battle head-to-head—Jaws needs Darcy to help him end a bitter grudge war; Darcy needs Jaws to divulge the mystery surrounding her mother’s death. Haunted by a past that shaped her present, Darcy will stop at nothing to get answers. Even if it means breaking the law and being disloyal to her new boyfriend, Dylan Taylor, in the process.

DEFCON DARCY gives Darcy’s demons a name and ties up loose ends that made Darcy into the verb that she is. What she thinks she knows as truth, isn’t. What she wishes wasn’t true…is.

The problem is, when your life goes DEFCON 1, not everyone lives to tell about it.

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Let me just say that I love AJ Lape's brain!!!! OMG, this book was AWESOME! AJ has such a gift, she makes Darcy feel like a real person. It's not often that I physically WORRY about a fictional character! I worried before I even started the book, lol, I believe it was 100 Proof Stud that I actually caught myself starting to pray for her...and let me tell you, I'm religious, but not THAT religious! I just knew this book was going to be even more stressful. I don't know why I put myself through the stress, but in the end, it's always worth it. Darcy is such a spectacle, the crazy things she gets herself into, just wow! I just love that even in the most dire of circumstances, she keeps her sense of humor...I don't think I could do it. When AJ told those of us in her street team that Darcy would find info out about her mother, wow, this is SO not what I had in mind! Such an unexpected twist, totally didn't see that one coming! OMG, I can't even tell you! If you haven't read one of AJ's books, you're SOOOO missing out. The first book in the Darcy Walker Series is FREE right now, check out the links below! Her books are amazing and she has such a gift, I don't even understand how she's still Indy, Traditional publishers should be beating down her door! Check out the Rafflecopter Giveaway and the Excerpt from Defcon Darcy below!
A. J. Lape is the author of the Darcy Walker Series which has stayed on Amazon's teen's mysteries and thrillers bestseller's lists since its debut in 2012. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband, two daughters, an ADD dog, a spoiled hamster, and an unapologetic and unrepentant addiction to Coca-Cola--plus a lifelong love affair with bacon she has no plans to sever. A graduate of Morehead State University with a Master's degree in Communications, she's a PI wannabe and recently joined the Citizen's Police Academy in her hometown but daily stops crime through the fictional ADHD character of Darcy Walker. If the FBI ever checks her computer, she'll be wearing prison-orange due to the graphic and disgusting "wiki" articles she looks up...all in the name of career research, of course.

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“Then let’s talk price.”
Fisher’s eyes went as big as a freaked-out lemur’s. “There’s a charge?”
“New policy as of January,” I giggled. “Payment can be in the form of United Dairy Farmers, Pink, Visa, Starbucks, or Target gift cards. If gift cards don’t work for you, then I’ll always take cash. And for this particular job my fee is fifty bucks.”
“Wow,” he whistled. “Does UDF do gift cards?”“Not my problem,” I said, “and I can deliver within the week. If I deliver before next Friday, the price is doubled.”
Before we could shake on it, the ground underneath me metaphorically trembled. Only one person held the absolute power to make or break my day. When I met Dylan’s amber eyes, my first thought was I wish he’d get hit with an ugly stick. At six foot two, two hundred and twenty pounds, he was a powerhouse of muscle. Dark skin adorned his body, showcasing a face and abs so chiseled they could cut you. His jet-black hair was the type you wanted to run your hands through—everything to make you a ten on the perv scale.
Wearing faded jeans and a black letterman jacket, his stride was confident and sexy. Laughter plus a hormonally anxious prayer left my lips as he made his way closer. He’d ruin this for me. One snap of his fingers, and I’d go Pavlov’s dog and wag my freaking tail. “Here comes Dylan,” I nervously giggled. “Help me distract him.”
Fisher looked like I’d asked him to walk on water. “I can’t distract Taylor,” he gasped. “That’s like asking someone to distract God when he was forming the Earth. He’s everywhere, Darcy,” he shuddered. “Scares the pants off of me actually.”
I rolled my eyes. Dylan definitely cast a long shadow, but Fisher put the “c” in coward. “Just distract him." I said, "I don't expect you to shoot fireworks out of your butt, but come up with something when he starts asking questions.”

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Review of Tempting the Corporate Spy by Angela Claire
He’s stealing more than her heart…

Whiz kid Liv Altman is working on Internet anti-piracy software that could be huge. It could also be dangerous. And someone wants it badly enough to blackmail only the very best hacker—the infamous and reclusive Jonathon Crestwell—into stealing it…

Liv usually has no trouble ignoring the computer geeks she works with every day, but her new corporate consultant is definitely not easy to ignore. He’s tall and dead hot, with deep blue eyes that make Liv think the naughtiest of HR-violating thoughts. When she finds him unexpectedly in her office one evening, things take a turn for the sexier. But come morning, Liv will discover the truth about her new employee…and what he really wants.

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This book was great.  The chemistry between Liv and Jonathon was intense and the sex scenes were super hot. There was a bit of a mystery, trying to figure out exactly what was going on and who did what, I loved it.  This book is the second book in the Sleeping with the Enemy Series, but can definitely be read as a stand alone.  I did not read the previous book before this one, and I didn't feel like I was missing anything at all.
As a teen, Angela Claire worked in a graveyard, mowing lawns. She thought it was the worst job she'd ever have. Unfortunately, she went on to practice law. Once free of that horror, she turned to writing. Her stories always include a sassy heroine because she doesn't know any other way to write them and a hero who's to die for. When she isn't writing, she'd rather be. She has published 20 books with Entangled, Siren Bookstrand, and Ellora's Cave. She is represented by Maureen Walters at Curtis Brown, LTD.

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