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Review of Want It by Jennifer Chance

Jennifer Chance returns with another novel that'll keep you hooked.

Erin Connelly meets alpha male Zander James in WANT IT, the third novel in Jennifer Chance's sizzling Rule Breakers series! This one is not to be missed by readers looking for their military romance fix!
In the latest tantalizing Rule Breakers novel from Jennifer Chance, an irresistible alpha male follows his ex into a deadly standoff—and reignites a heated affair.
For Erin Connelly, being a good girl isn’t such a bad thing. She’s working her dream job at a Boston art gallery and staying out of trouble, which is more than she can say for her deadbeat mom. Unfortunately, her mother’s latest misadventure lands her in the clutches of a Mexican drug lord. Now the only person who can save her is the one man Erin has no business asking for help: the sexy-as-sin army ranger who just so happens to be her former high school sweetheart.
Zander James is no gentleman—and no officer, either, thanks to Erin. Four years ago, she made a call that terminated his highest aspirations ... and their relationship. He’s never forgiven her, but when he learns that Erin’s embarking on a half-baked rescue mission, he sure as hell can’t let her go alone. Now, with a treacherous enemy lying in wait, the electrifying tension between them may just be Zander’s undoing. Because while he may be able to keep Erin alive, he can’t promise to keep his hands off her.

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Risk It (Book 4) is now available for Pre-Order!
I loved this book!  The tension and frustration between Erin and Zander was just wow! This author writes super hot scenes with characters that are easy to relate to, and really makes the reader connect with them emotionally.  I can't wait to read more of this author's work.  I've read the previous books as well, and loved them.  Look for reviews of her other books in the future and check out the excerpt below for one of my favorite parts.
Jennifer Chance is the award-winning author of the new adult Rule Breakers series, which feature sexy, wish-come-true romances that launched with ROCK IT and FAKE IT in 2014. A lover of books, romance, and happily-ever-afters, she lives and writes in Ohio.

Want to get to know Jennifer better? Check out this exclusive interview!

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Excerpt 5: Come Here You

A note to readers from author Jennifer Chance:

Zander and Erin go through a lot in this book that tests their fragile new relationship-the trip to Mexico, being faced with all of their past baggage (both the baggage they know about and the baggage they don’t), but they still are two people who were (and, of course, still are) very much in love. The little moments where they get to explore that love really made me happy. Even if it was only a stolen second or two, I loved when they forgot everything else around them and just breathed into the moment a little bit, allowing themselves to just be two young people who have found their way back to each other, willing to enjoy this time for all it’s worth.

Zander kissed Erin’s mouth so softly, so gently, that her entire world seemed to balance on its edge, precariously wobbling, just begging to fall.
“Zander, I—”
“Shhh,” he murmured. “I’m a trained professional.”
She couldn’t help it. The tiniest giggle escaped from her, and she leaned in to him just a fraction of an inch. She’d override all her own better instincts for one hot second, she decided. She could allow herself that, surely. She sighed and tilted her head back, letting Zander deepen the kiss if he wanted, content for the moment to just be in the circle of his arms.
Zander didn’t need any further invitation.
Without moving his hands from hers, he pressed himself against her, branding her mouth, and it was as if all the questions between them evaporated, leaving nothing but heat and adrenaline and an endless, aching need. A need that suddenly seemed all encompassing. Zander had been gone for so long, saving everyone but her, and now, for just this moment, in the cocoon of the hotel room where everything was still possible and nothing had yet gone wrong, she just wanted to—
“You know, you’re thinking an awful lot for someone about to get laid,” Zander murmured.
And just like that, it was like they were teenagers again. Erin’s laughter slipped out, loud and unrestrained, and Zander picked her up so easily that it startled her. And then they were in the bed, both of them fighting for the top position, but Zander winning easily-even more easily than he had before. His body loomed large as he stretched out on top of her, staring for one second into her eyes. That’s all she got, that one second, because then he shifted his gaze away and his mouth was at her temple, his body curving into hers as her legs parted naturally and she hooked her heels behind his legs. Erin still was fully dressed, but she was fast losing her grip on reality as Zander trailed a row of kisses across her cheek and along the delicate ridge of her ear.
“You’re still so goddamned beautiful, you know that, Erin?”

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