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Review of Going Nowhere Fast  Going Nowhere Fast
Author:  K. D. Bloodworth
Genre:  Adult Contemporary/ Romance
Publication Date:  12/02/2013
Length (Pages/# Words):  382 pages
Publisher:  Planettopia Publishing, LLC
Cover Artist:  Wendy Chartier

Leave your mundane cares behind, sit in your favorite chair and be prepared to travel the road of love, loss and no return. Travel down roads most women would never dare. Delve into the lost and found of life’s trials and tribulations by “Going Nowhere Fast.”

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A little odd, but I really liked it.  I say odd, because it bounces back and forth throughout time without really stating what year it might have been.  Of course there's clues in the context of the surroundings, but at one point I was really confused about when it was, lol.  I figured it out eventually though.  I'm about twenty pages shy of finishing but I needed to get this posted.  I can't wait to get back to it and finish the story.  The things Dawn goes through in her life...this book will make the reader angry and offended on her behalf.  It also has some pretty hot sex scenes.  This book is said to be loosely based on the author's real life.  Until I finish the last couple of chapters, I can only hope that the man she's with at this point of the book is her now husband, and they managed to work things out.  I'm glad to see in her bio she's with someone who can make her happy after all of the failed, heartbreaking relationships she's had.  Check out the excerpt below for a sad example of the end of one of them.
Growing up in Southeast Michigan, K. D. found herself a wanderer and adventurer, sometimes going down the wrong road, but always finding her way back home. She has found a way to bring her colorful stories to life. K.D now resides in Montana with her husband, sharing their home with Fuzzy, a Goldendoodle and Muddy Brown Dog, a Labradoodle

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I turned away, bag in one hand, my purse in the other. Two hundred dollars in my pocket and no idea where I was going next. I just knew I had to get away. Phoenix was no option. I never looked back, never heard the truck start, never heard his voice again.
I walked out of the parking lot, down the street and down the entrance ramp to the interstate. It only took a few minutes with my thumb out for a big rig to stop. I ran up to the truck, opened the passenger door, swinging up into the cab.
“Where you headed little lady?” Drawled the driver.
“The question is where are you going?”
“I’m headed to Salt Lake.”
“Well, if you don’t mind some company I sure could use a ride.”
“If I had minded the company I wouldn’t have stopped.” He drawled again only this time with a wide toothy smile.
I threw my bag up in the sleeper, stowing my purse at my feet. I stuck my hand in my jacket pocket and felt the money. My eyes started to fill with tears.
“You OK there?”
“Yep, I’m OK. Just something in my eye.”

“Something like a broken heart?”
“You might say that.”

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